Qi Gong is a Chinese body practice that is based on the art of movement without muscular effort, using breath and concentration. It can also include exercises in seated and lying positions as well as auto massage techniques, static standing postures and slow phrases of movement. It is a form of exercise that is easy to practice and without contra-indications. It helps to regain harmony in movement within the modern world.

For over 3000 years in China millions of people have used Qi Gong as a daily activity to support the physical and moral wellbeing.

Using soft stretching and awareness of the whole self, the noise of our daily stresses can recede as Qi Gong asks us to pay attention to ourselves in the present moment.

With a regular practice little by little tensions can diminish. The Qi, the body’s vital energy is activated. Our vitality increases and we become more fluid in our movement, more aware of our emotions and more resistant to external aggressions. In short our vital spirit awakens: we can transform ourselves to a better state of health.